I Am Me is a community charity that aims to change attitudes and behaviours so that disabled and vulnerable people in Scotland feel safe in their communities.

The charity has two key initiatives; I Am Me and Keep Safe. 

I Am Me is an innovative and engaging range of resources which aims to educate young people and the wider community about disabilities, bullying exclusion and hate crime.  The resources were developed with children, young people, disabled people and disability organisations.  A primary school pack has been designed for children from primary one through to primary seven and arranged into interactive lessons.  The lessons are normally delivered on our Cinebus.  The Cinebus is a mobile cinema and education unit which visits schools and disability groups to talk about I Am Me and Keep Safe.

Keep Safe is an award winning partnership initiative which works with local communities to create a network of places where people can ‘Keep Safe’.  Keep Safe places are checked and approved by Police Scotland and staff within are trained.  All Keep Safe places can be found on our website or our free Keep Safe Scotland phone app.

Keep Safe cards are available for anyone who may feel lost, scared or vulnerable when out in the community.  The cards have information about any communication requirements, medical concerns and who to contact in the event of an emergency.  Keep Safe cards can be downloaded on our website or can be requested by emailing us.

Disability Hate Crime is one of the most under reported crimes in the UK, with an estimated 97% going unreported.  There are 1 million people in Scotland registered as disabled or with a long term illness. Many incidents go unreported.  This is for many reasons, such as fear of repercussion, unsure how to report incidents, worried about not being taken seriously and sadly many disabled people have come to accept abuse and harassment as part of daily life.