Keep Safe Scotland App

The Keep Safe Scotland app is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

Keep Safe is a national initiative that works with a network of businesses such as shops, libraries and cafes who have agreed to make their premises a ‘Keep Safe’ place for people to go if they feel frightened, distressed or are feeling vulnerable when out in the community.

The Keep Safe Scotland app can be used to: 

• Plan routes with Keep Safe places highlighted along the way.

• View a list of all Keep Safe places across Scotland – broken down by local authority.

• Find out more information about Keep Safe places such as opening hours, website, telephone number etc.

• Find the nearest Keep Safe place to the app user and link with Google/Apple maps for directions to it.

• Link with Police Scotland’s hate crime reporting form for a secure method of non-emergency reporting.

• Link with Police Scotland to dial 101 or 999 with an approximate location displayed before the call connects, so that if the app user is lost and in distress they can alert Police Scotland to their whereabouts.

*In an emergency 999 should always be dialled first. It is not recommended to delay help by going through the app in an immediate emergency situation*

• Find out more information about different local authorities, such as events, useful contacts, news, and links.

• Find out more about I Am Me Scotland, such as the YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, and contact details.

If you would like more information on the Keep Safe Scotland App, the Keep Safe initiative, or I Am Me Scotland, please contact:

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