About Keep Safe

People who are vulnerable because of learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairment or mental health problems have the right to feel safe when they are out in the community. Unfortunately some people can become targets for bullying and harassment and can feel intimidated, scared and frightened to go out. This bullying and harassment can also lead to the person becoming a victim of Disability Hate Crime.

I Am Me is working with Police Scotland to deliver an initiative called Keep Safe.

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What is Keep Safe and how does it work?

The Keep Safe initiative works with a network of businesses such as shops, libraries and cafes who have agreed to make their premises a ‘Keep Safe’ place for people to go if they feel frightened, distressed or are the victim of crime when out in the community.

Disabled and elderly people who wish to take part in the initiative will be issued with a contact card which will contain details of the persons name, any health concerns, any communication needs and helpful contact details for friends or family.

Businesses who agree to take part in the initiative will be issued with a Keep Safe Sticker to display in their premises window to let vulnerable people know that they provide a ‘Keep Safe’ place. If a person goes into the ‘Keep Safe’ place and shows their contact card to staff, the staff member will reassure the person and ring one of the numbers on the card and/or contact the police if a crime has been committed.

What is the aim of the initiative?

The aim of the Keep Safe initiative is to ensure that disabled people can enjoy ordinary day to day life and activities free from the fear of abuse or intimidation.

I would like more information

If you would like more information or you work in a local business and would like to participate in the initiative, please contact us.

A full list of Keep Safe places can be found here:


Keep Safe Scotland App

More information about the Keep Safe Scotland App and its features can be found here.

You can download the Keep Safe Scotland App – Easy Read sheet here.

Keep Safe Ambassadors

Keep Safe Ambassadors are young people trained by I Am Me Scotland and Police Scotland to recognise incidents and know how to report them safely. If you are aged 14+ and are interested in the Keep Safe Ambassador Programme, please get in touch.

Keep Safe – Easy Read

For an easy-read explanation of Keep Safe, please click here. .


Keep Safe won a Public Safety award at the Police Scotland National Police Awards
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Additional Resources & Downloads

If you are unable to print Keep Safe cards and would like to request some, please click here.

Keep Safe is based on the Suffolk Safe Places scheme and the North Hamptonshire Keep Safe scheme.