What is I Am Me?

I Am Me is an award winning community charity which works in partnership with Police Scotland to educate young people and the wider community about Disability Hate Crime (recognised as one of the most under report crimes in the UK).

The project aims to educate local young people and disability groups through the power of drama and film aimed at challenging attitudes and behaviours towards disabled people. Since the launch in September 2013, a live performance was delivered to over 10,000 people, including High schools, disability groups, staff groups, the police training college and the Scottish Parliament. A softer version, designed for primary school children was delivered to around 8,000 children in Renfrewshire.

Since then, a hard hitting I Am Me film and training pack has been developed in 2015 to educate about the impact that bullying and harassment can have on an individual, their family and the wider community. The Disability Hate Crime Training Pack 2015 and I Am Me Film can be used as a free resource by any school, group or staff base in Scotland.

In 2016, the project group worked closely with Epilepsy Scotland and a wide range of partners, including children and young people to design a Primary School Pack. This pack includes three short films which introduce disability and the effects of bullying. The films and accompanying pack can now be downloaded free from our website.

The project also has an initiative called Keep Safe. Keep Safe works in partnership with Police Scotland and a network of local businesses to create ‘Keep Safe’ places for disabled, vulnerable, and elderly people when out and about in the community. People can access these premises to seek assistance and help if they feel lost, confused, scared, in danger, or have been the victim of a crime. The Keep Safe initiative is being rolled out across Scotland and all Keep Safe places can be viewed on our FREE ‘Keep Safe Scotland’ phone app, which is downloaded on iOS and Android.

If you would like more information, please contact us or visit our facebook or twitter page.

Our Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 is now available – Strategic Plan 2017-2020

A copy of our Safeguarding Statement can be found here.

A copy of our Annual Reports and Financial Statements can be found here

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